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So the other day I saw a link to a site called G2A.com and because I could remember having seen this on a few occasions I clicked into it to see what it was all about.

The site basically sells PC games very cheaply and as an avid game I was surprised at how cheap they were though PC games do tend to be cheaper than their console counterparts anyway. The website did look rather dodgy but upon a closer inspection it turns out it is very legit. What soon struck me was their affiliate program which basically is there primary way of marketing their website.

They basically offer high commissions and referral tiers so that you get paid for 2nd generation referrals. Having looked into it a little further I can understand why they’re able to offer high commissions. As they own deal with digital PC game downloads they are able to offer huge portions of their sales under their affiliate programme as their costs are so low.

Full details of the programme can be seen here including the level structure but you can in essence not only get paid for a direct referral but every subsequent referral made by your referral.

G2A Structure

This means the potential is huge. Your cookie in each link lasts for two years so you could potentially reap the rewards for very little effort If you know the gaming industry like I do, you will know that games sell themselves. So putting referrals in the right places will lead to results. The programme is very big with YouTubers who broadcast gaming content so if you could make some referrals to some that have huge followings, you have the potential to create a huge network all for making one or two good referrals.

I’ve tried this now for around two weeks posting my affiliate link on social networks and on a few of my gaming website pages. And I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised at the results.

I have already seen commissions start to get paid and I can see that the potential for this is massive.

So on reflection you do get paid (I can assure you) and it seems relatively easy to slowly build your network so that in time every when you have a large network nd that game comes out that everyone rushes out for, you could get some fat pay checks. G2A GoldMine

I’m actually very excited for this and I’ve dedicated an advert on my gaming websites to see how this develops. I will post an update to give you is an idea of the kind of commissions I have gained and remain hopeful that this will grow into something very big.

A few things that you should be aware of this is not a scam this is real and you should check it out.

You can be paid by bank transfer or PayPal and again as I said above the games are PC a digital downloads only not the retail physical products.

When you create an account you get five discount codes to share. I would post mine here but they have gone I’m afraid!

Finally I’d be interested to hear your views on this affiliate scheme. If you do check it out, please pop back and leave some comments below.

If you do wish to check it out, lease do use my referrer link – it wont cost you anything and will help me build my referral network! Click Here to check it out.

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