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Step 1 - Niche

Select a Niche withing which your passion belongs

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Build a Website – Dont worry its its easier than you think and  only takes minutes. 

Step 3 - Traffic

Get traffic to your website from people in your niche who share your passion. 

Step 4

Earn money by monetizing your site. 

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Acoustic Guitar

Niche: Music

Passionate about music? Transfor your love into a beautiful website, create blogs and convert traffic into money. 

Social Media

Niche: Marketing

If you love social media platofrms, create a site that focuses on helping social media users, tips, tricks and help.  


Niche: Photography

Create a blog on yorr photography skills, showcase your talent, blog, drive traffic and convert to profits. 

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As a mum to be, I was interested in baby products and was interested in finding reviews for certain products like Car Seats to find the best one. I spotted that there wasn’t many sites that compared baby seats against each other. So using the training on this site, I set up a basic website, and started writing reviews about car seats and how they compared agaisnt each other and whether they were good value. There is amazingly a huge number of people who are interested on finding this informaiton and my site now gets 10,000 plus visitors every month and I passively earn an extra 4 figures per month through affiliate sales.

Kelsey Smith


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