Step 2 – Build Your Website

Once you have your niche selected you need to build your website around your chosen niche.

Sounds complicated right?

Well setting up your site is probably one of the easiest parts of the process. It does not involve any fancy HTML coding like it used to way back when.

You simply need a good content management system like Word Press which you can sign up for for free and get a hosting service from as little as $3-$5 per month. However doing it this way means you do need to be technically savvy from time to time whenever there is an issue with your site.

I use a platform called Wealth Affiliate which incorporates WordPress and the hosting service all into one which makes the process so much simpler. It’s unbelievable how quickly you can have your site up and running and you have all the available support whenever you do experience an issue.

Rather than type out step by step, how to set up your site, watch this short video from Wealthy Affiliate on how you can get your website set up in under 30 seconds.

Create A Website In Under 30 Seconds

My Wealthy Affiliate review covers all aspects of the Wealthy Affiliate platform but in summary signing up for a free starter membership is free and is a great way of getting two websites for absolutely free that you can monetise. If you want to sign up, here is the link to the sign up page but be sure to check out my review before you do so.

Once you have  your website built, you are ready fro Step 3 – Getting Traffic To Your Site.

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