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GaryGreetings Folks,

I am Gary and welcome to RedBoxAffiliate, a site dedicated to teaching you how to create sustainable on-line businesses that will provide you with a residual passive income for the rest of your life.

As a busy professional for some 8 years now, I have always worked a busy and hectic lifestyle and raising a young family meant that I was on a quest for a financial solution to cope with the added demands.

Though there are plenty of ways to earn a supplemental income, I wanted something a bit more. Something that could give me the option of leaving my 9 til 5 if it I wanted and not have any earning limits.

And that’s what led me to Internet Marketing and the position I am in today. I earn a healthy passive income on-line that demands of me, as much time as I wish to put in.

My aim is to teach others how they too can bring in to their household, extra streams of passive income for the rest of their lives. In this business there is room for everyone to thrive and so I have nothing to loose and everything to gain in sharing my knowledge with you.

A little bit more about me, I have always been interested in making money – there’s nothing quite like buying something for £1 and selling it for £2 – but I also spend time away from business doing the usual things a thirty-something does e.g. play football, poker, video games and read fictional novels. Mostly however my time is spent picking up after two needy children (and wife)!

Again, I am Gary, I hope you find this site will give you a wealth of the knowledge, inspiration and motivation to realise your own potential and earn healthy passive incomes online. Feel free to contact me should you have any questions at all.

Before I leave you, to get started on learning how you can become a success on-line, read Start Your Internet Business.

Your friend,



Founder of RedBoxAffiliate


email. gary@redboxaffiliate.com

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