My Number 1 Recommended Affiliate Programme

I have tried and reviewed lots of different types of affiliate programmes trying to identify the good from the bad for the benefit of my readers and their wallets!

So I specifically wanted a dedicated page to what is, in my opinion, the best affiliate program on the Internet. This is both in terms of commission payouts and programme quality. I’m currently using it as an affiliate marketer and, if you are ever thinking about working from home as an internet marketer, you must check it out.

All affiliate programs are different in nature and quality but one thing for sure is that there are a ton of them out there on the internet and so it can be difficult choosing which to pour your efforts into promoting.wa_super_affiliate_300x250

When choosing a product to promote, it’s natural to filter products by those that pay out the highest commissions. Sometimes this is OK but in most cases you will find the high percentage of earnings a product pays, usually reflects the quality of the product.  Conversely good quality products that might need very little marketing effort will usually pay a lot less commission.

So what you need to find is a good quality product that will protect your reputation as a trusted affiliate marketer that also pays good commissions.  In addition, the product should have lots of interest (i.e. a big or less competitive market) and ideally exist in an evergreen niche – meaning that it will not get outdated or become redundant so as to nullify your marketing efforts.

I’m here to tell you about a program in the make money online niche that meets this bill and serves as an excellent product for beginner and seasoned marketers to promote. 

What You Can Expect

These are some of the key things that you can expect in this affiliate program:

1.      Access to a huge social network of like-minded marketers

2.      Huge commissions – 50% or $175 per sale

3.      Recurring commissions £22.50 per month or $200.88 a year

4.      A trip to Las Vegas for meeting certain referral numbers

5.      A vibrant active honest and reliable community of other users always a hand to help

6.      The best on-line training resources produced by the expert owners and also the community.

7.    An excellent set of resourceful tools including a neat keyword tool.

A Quality Product

This program has been able to open lots of doors for me and afford great flexibility in my lifestyle.

It’s growing and becoming more popular because everybody needs extra money and this program teaches you how you can work and earn in your own spare time by creating sustainable solid on-line businesses.

The main reason why you should use and promote this program is it spells sheer quality through and through.  Not only can you promote it with confidence that your visitors will not only be dissatisfied, you will genuinely have helped make a difference to someone’s lives. And if you can feel that way about a product you are promoting and have that level of belief, it’s going to make the proposition an easy sell.

High Commissions

To give you some context, the Amazon affiliate program offers something in the region of 4-6% commission per product which might seem reasonable given the volume you could sell of there as well as it applying to all other qualifying products made by the purchaser (i.e. not just the products you are promoting).

With this program however you can expect 50% commission of each sale which is massive for a product of this worth. Also considering it’s a monthly membership you will be earn on-going monthly commissions for each user.

As you can join for the platform for free and start promoting with a starter membership, or have a paid membership, there are two tiers of commissions you can be paid.  Here is an example. The Service costs $47 per month or £359 per year.

For one sale, you would receive $22.50 for each month or $175 per year if you are a premium member. For starter members, you will get half of that. You will also receive residual income for so long as the purchaser keeps up his membership meaning for each sale you will get lifetime commission’s month on month or year on year.

Affiliate Referral Fees

Once you start to achieve a large number of sales you can really see that this will quite quickly escalate in to vast numbers.

Let me put it another way. 3 referrals per day and you are looking at just shy of $200,000 per annum. In the next year, if you continued this rate of referrals, it would be double that because of recurring revenue and that’s just in the second year. Each year it will compound.

A Trip to Las Vegas

If the commission structure is not enough, achieve 300 sales in a year and the owners will fly you out on an all-expenses paid trip to Las Vegas which is a great way to meet the two co-founders and other successful affiliate marketers on the program. To achieve this, it merely equates to less than 1 sale per day.

An Award Winning Community

By signing up on a free starter account and begin promoting the product, you will have access to an active community of over 10,000 members all there to give you support on how to market and promote through your niche site.  They can provide feedback on your online business as well as tips and guidance.

The Vast Library of Training Resources.

It’s the sheer honesty and no nonsense approach to the bespoke training that is so appealing here. You will get A-Z training on how to successfully promote the program and help others set up their own online business.

Using their tools and resources, I was able to get an online business up within a week and fully monetised within a month.

No HTML was required or technical expertise and its all taught in very plain English speak which is very easy to follow. It feels more akin to a social network website.


I wanted to finish up with letting you know obviously what the name of the program is. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and in a nutshell offers free training for people to start their own online business with a brilliant affiliate program. You simply need to point people in this direction and the program will sell itself.

I have actually produced a detailed review of the program which you can see here which details the program further.

I just want to remind you that this program is not some get rich quick scheme or a pyramid scheme or an MLM or whatever other sophisticated scams that are out there. This is the real deal. But don’t take my word for it. Look at what others are saying about it.


Why Should I Take The Next Steps? 

Everyone is always looking to make money online and so the market in this niche is huge and everlasting. There are also huge untouched markets of people that this program can appeal to.

Take a look at the following:

  • People in debt
  • Disabled people who cannot work away from home
  • People looking to create a larger retirement fund
  • Still living at home
  • The unemployed
  • Business entrepreneurs
  • People that like to travel a lot
  • Casual bloggers
  • People looking to make residual incomes whilst still maintaining a full-time job
  • People who want to monetize huge social media followings

What this means is that there are hundreds if not thousands of ways as an affiliate marketer you can tap in to these markets and show them how they can make money online by setting up online businesses and blogging.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate for free with the starter membership and it will give you two free online businesses as well as the affiliate program to start promoting.  You do not have to become a premium member and so you can earn commissions for free.

If you do find create an account, hit me up in there – my user account is Bigboss34 and I will help you get started and we can keep in touch.

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Check out the following resources:

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Sign up for the program here 

2 thoughts on “My Number 1 Recommended Affiliate Programme”

  1. I’ve been researching working from home for myself for about a year now. It seems like all of the ‘get rich quick’ ideas aren’t anything that will last for long. I love the approach here at WA because it forces you to be more professional with your approach, and really do homework to succeed. Thanks for the great info and site!

    1. Thanks and your right it’s about building a foundation and then growing your business that’s with you for life, not some overnight scheme.

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