How To Earn Money From a Blog

BlogBlogging is the term used to describe writing articles or posts about virtually anything- the collection of which is referred to as a blog. It distinguishable from the term website because a website does not necessarily consist of blog posts/articles – take or for example.

How To Earn Money Blogging

The answer is very simple – affiliate marketing –  See affiliate marketing FAQ’s.

Affiliate Marketing is something I teach how to effectively do on this site but it essentially consists of referring your readers to a product or service on a website such as Amazon, which, when purchased, results in a commission paid to to you.Monetize Your Site

Its not a new phenomenon and millions of people over the past 2 decades have been earning money blogging to make huge incomes allowing them to ditch their 9 to 5 jobs. Its that thing that you read on the web “single mom earns $500 per day” or an advert of a young thirty-some posed in front of his Ferrari. They are not always exaggerations but do take their stated success with a pinch of salt – they are likely to be trying to lure you in to a product that promises riches.

The basic premise of being able to earn money through blogging is real and whilst anyone can do it, you need to have a bit of training and know how before you will be able to earn. For example, setting up your website. It can be done in less than 30 seconds, when you know how, yet if you don’t know, or are unsure which plugins for example to install etc, you are likely to run into trouble and end up paying someone a lot of money to fix it for you if not build your blog for you.

How Can I Start Earning Money Blogging?

I have introduced many people to affiliate marketing and I would state that only two things are needed as follows:

  1. You need to have a computer and posses some very basic computer skills.
  2. You need to be passionate about an area or niche you choose.

Beyond these two things, the sole factor determining your success is your desire to want to succeed. If you want to earn big and are prepared to work at it, YOU WILL SUCCEED. It’s as simple as that because its not chance thing. You implement what you are taught and you earn – I promise you its like ABC.

How Much Money Can I Make From Blogging?

The answer purely depends on you.

How much work can you put into your blog? The more you can write the more traffic you will get and thus more sales.

Its not unusual to start earning within  a few weeks of starting your blog if you post regularly. Most people start making commissions by their first month. It just depends on how much work you put in to get your blog attracting visitors.

What To Watch Out For

There are lots of fraudsters out there who prey on those looking to earn riches online and so look out for anyone that requests payment for courses or products before you know what you are getting. Believe me, before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I tried lots of products only to find they were cash grabs with empty promises of riches. Always, always, always try before you pay for anything so that you are making a fully informed choice.

Next Steps

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how you could similarly earn some money from the Internet in this way, check out the training center I mentioned which teaches you, in a no nonsense fashion, how to get you blog up and running.

They don’t reinvent the wheel here like I mentioned above. They teach how to replicate success already achieved by simply emulating the sure way of getting people to your blog that converts to sales.

If you register – which is free as is the Online Entrepreneur Certification training – you will jump straight into the training required to get your blog set up and 2 free sites. You are not require to shell out a penny to get yur business up and running but there is a premium paid service which gives some added extras.

Get started by clicking below.

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Once you’re in there look me up to, I go by Bigboss34 and I would love to help out and act as you personal mentor where you can ask any questions of me.

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