How To Make Money From The Internet

So you might have heard of the phenomenon of making money on the internet and usually next to that ad or article, a guy posing next to his yellow Lamborghini or yacht.

Whilst those are suspect techniques to try lure you in, there’s actually some truth to it. The principle that you can money from the internet is true and real and whilst our friend posing next to his yacht is likely to be an exaggeration of his true lifestyle, people are absolutely making money on the internet.

So How?

Well thats something I try to teach on this site and through the training centre I am a part of. I will try to explain in this post, the primary way I make money from the internet through what is known as internet marketing or affiliate marketing. But of course, Internet Marketing is not the only way to earn money on the internet and here are few common ways people earn online:

  1. Creating and selling your own goods or services such as an eBook
  2. Selling new or used goods on eBay or Craigslist
  3. earning money through sponsorship on your site
  4. Private training/coaching

I haven’t gone into depth on each one suffice to say that they all have their pro’s and cons. The biggest cons with most of them however is that they require a more hands on approach on a daily basis which is not good if you cannot commit that level of time.

The method I use, Affiliate Marketing is possibly the single best way to make money on the net because it is so hands off. You can make huge amounts of money by simply writing about things you are interested in and that piece of content will forever remain on the net and make you money without afterwards revisiting that piece of content you create.

Earn Money From The Internet

Earning money on the Internet is not a new phenomenon and many internet marketers have been doing it since the inception of the Internet. It was a less common thing in the earlier days and early adopters in internet marketing were able to dominate search engines and come up with some interesting methods of tricking search engines to generate tons of traffic for their sites.

The method I use, Affiliate Marketing is possibly the single best way to make money on the net because it is so hands off.

Nowadays, search engines are more sophisticated and more people are in the game but since the Internet is so huge, competition doesn’t really affect your ability to make money.

How it Works

The basic way it works is you, the marketer or producer of some content, earn a commission for linking a buyer and a seller. This is what is known as affiliate marketing or internet marketing and its happening everywhere you look on the internet. Have you ever clicked on a link and been redirected to a product page?

Monetize Your Site

For the marketer, this means he or she, without an inventory of goods, can earn commission on the sales of any goods in an area they choose. It’s simply about being a good middleman and being effective in the way you write about and promote what they choose to convert your visitors into paying customers.

To put it in simple terms, if you promoted a kettle on your site which linked to Amazon, if a visitor buys the kettle, you would be paid a commission roughly around 5 to 10%.

The actual promotion of the product or service isn’t what you think it might be. As in the above example, you would put a special link at the bottom of your article that you write referring the reader to that kettle.

With this very simple method, you can scale up your activity and generate lots of traffic and ultimately sales. When you reach that point, you have a business on your hands. Deploying this very simple method, many millions of people around the world make a full-time income.

So the answer to the question can I make money on the Internet? Is yes.

What Does It Take To Become A Internet Success?

On this site, I promote the concept of affiliate marketing so that the average Joe Bloggs can have the opportunity of making a full time or part-time income. I have introduced many people to affiliate marketing and I would state that only two things are needed.

  1. You need to have a computer and posses some very basic computer skills. If you can write and send an email you qualify.
  2. You need to be passionate about the area or niche you choose to affiliate yourself and have the drive and enthusiasm to make it work. This is because when it comes to creating content for your site or blog, you want to be engaging visitors with useful information and so it helps when you know what you are talking about and can make solid recommendations to you readers.

You will of course need a website or blog in which to write your articles and is a little bit of training required in set this up. It is very simple to do we teach that here and at the training centre I am part of for free.

How much money can I make from the marketing?

The answer purely depends on you.

How much work can you put into affiliate marketing. One of our members at Wealthy Affiliate after nine months of work now makes 450 sales per month on He does this by promoting baby safety equipment particularly car seats.

Check out the website  for a feel of what kind of business we can teach you to own. It looks very simple and simply consists of product reviews comparisons and links to where readers can go on to buy the product. After only nine months of work, he has around thousand visitors a day and like I said roughly 450 sales per month. The commission on each item varies from product to product but you can assume a 4 to 6% commission on each item.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about how you could similarly earn some money from the Internet in this way, check out the training centre I mentioned. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel here. We teach how to replicate our success by simply emulating our practice in your own chosen area or niche.  Once you are in and register, you will jump straight into the training required to get your online business set up and 2 free sites.  Get started by clicking below.

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Wealthy affiliate is a hangout for all its members and so once you’re in there you get to see and speak to many of its members who are in different stages of their online careers. These will be from experts and newbies alike and so you will have a wealth of knowledge fingertips. Look me up to, I go by Bigboss34.

Final Words

If you have thought of earning money from home on the Internet, no is your chance to give it a go. Wealthy Affiliate is free and you get two free websites when you sign up so it will not cost you a penny to try it out.

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