Mental Preperation For Making Money

I wanted to make this post as people turn to making money on the internet for different reasons with different mind-sets and these in turn have an effect on their success.

Most people are driven by financial pressures and so have usually turned to the net for a financial solution to their problems. This makes them highly susceptible to get rich quick schemes and there are a ton of marketing schemes designed to exploit these people. This almost always leads to disappointment as you will be hard pressed to find a get rich quick scheme that actually works. We would surely all being doing it otherwise right?

Others, on the other hand, have arrived to the net simply to enhance their income for that extra holiday each year or boost their retirement fund.

Either way, when entering into the internet business its important to be in the right frame of mind with the right expectations so as to avoid not only being exploited but also to avoid personal disappointment,

“The Only Pressure I’m Under Is The Pressure I’ve Put On Myself”

When placed with any pressure, the mind can be fragile and can lose sight of reason. Therefore your early months of building the foundation of your site or blog can be considered a failure if you have nothing to show for it right?

As an internet marketer, you have to understand that the work you putting in the early days will pay off dividends in the weeks, months and years to come. It is very easy to try to achieve everything straight away but this is only going to burn you out.Shiny Brain

Therefore have a plan!

In this business it is vitally important to be ambitious with your aims  but equally, realistic with your expectations. That is not to say you cannot achieve your aims, but to simply be realistic with when you should expect to achieve them.

Try to avoid overburdening yourself with unrealistic aims which will lead to you burning out. Remember this is a marathon, not a sprint and so whether it is a site or a blog you are promoting, you want your business to grow organically which will not happen overnight.

Every moment of time you spend on building your business today will yield 10 times more in dividends in weeks, months and years to come. Therefore be prepared to work hard and remain motivated by this fact.

Failure is unfortunately a fact of life. So know now that you may fail on some projects. This will make it easier to recover, learn and march on to success. In this business, every failure you make is not time wasted but time well spent learning the business and will ultimately contribute to your success.

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