Buyer Keywords

Buyer Keywords

Buyer keywords are targeted keywords that people are using to take action which puts them closer to the stage of buying a product or service. They are also known as profitable keywords and they essentially narrow your audience down to people who want to take some form of action.

They are considered highly profitable when it comes to creating content around them and you should definitely be looking to exploit these around your given niche as they will lead to good conversions from your traffic.

So the question is how do you find Buyer Keywords?

You should be looking to use terms that are aiming to do something for someone. For example how to stop my dog from barking, how to stop snoring, how to treat a rash, how to repair my broken vase, how to get rid of mice etc.

WA Keyword Tool
WA Keyword Tool

These people searching for such solutions are motivated and have a better chance of converting. If it’s something that’s a need rather than a want, then these people will be even more motivated; for example someone wanting to improve his/her bowling swing is not more motivated than someone who is looking to cure an illness or ailment. You should learn to try and identify these people so that you can tailor you content accordingly.

If you can create content around such phrases, then people visiting your page will be more likely to take you up one the products or services you recommend or are featured on your site.

Selection Tips

You should obviously be using keywords that are being searched so search volume is important here but sometimes you can focus on terms with far less search volume if the commissions from any conversions would be high enough. For example, 30 searches a month for a buyer keyword would be considered low but if you are targeting a product that converts into $150 commission, it may well be worth using.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to establish what advertisers are willing to pay through Adwords for their ads to appear when certain searches are carried out. Anything more than $1 per click is a good indication that there is money to be made with that keyword.

Use the Google Keyword Planner to produce your own buyer key words and check out my table of free example keywords you can leverage.

Buy Train Reduce Improve Repair Fix Conduct
Create Heal Recover Treat Solve End Delay
Sell Learn Top Vs Review Cheap Best
Alleviate Restore Sale Purchase Prevent How To How Do I

You can use the Google Alphabet Soup Technique to get started by simply placing a word into google and seeing the suggestions it creates for you. Keep adding relevant words related to your niche and it will keep creating relevant suggestions for you. The suggestions are based on commonly searched terms but make sure you do your homework on the keyword you end up with before deciding to proceed with it by using Google Keyword Planner or this Keyword Tool.

Alphabet Soup Technique
Alphabet Soup Technique

There are lots of keyword tools out there and something like Long Tail Pro can save you lots of time but using the Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tools is perfect for beginners in finding great buyer keywords.

If you are interested in maximising your income by selecting great keywords, come and join me at Wealthy Affiliate – see my review before deciding whether to sign up for free.

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