Facebook for Affiliate Marketers

The power of facebook is unquestionable. It brings people together in a way that was inconceivable before its inception. And its adoption by businesses is a testament to its power.

Nowadays you have lots of features on Facebook that have been copied from not only other social media platforms but general websites too. Likes, shares and followings are to name but a few. And its all with a view to staying connected.

As an affiliate marketer, I have always wondered why there wasn’t a similar network for affiliate marketers to share good practice, tips, and trends. I, personally,  have always struggled with getting the right support and direction to focus my activity instead of wasting dozens of hours not knowing which direction to go in.

That was until recently.

I now use a platform called Wealth Affiliate which I like to think of as a Facebook for affiliate marketers. It’s not only aesthetically akin to a social network, but its community and features are such that it feels like you are using a social platform even though it is much more than that.

Facebook for Affiliate Marketers

Wealthy Affiliate is basically my virtual office and where I go about my daily work. I will use it to log into my sites to work from, post questions, contribute to discussions, refresh myself on any relevant training to my work, connect with my network of users and keep up to pace with the latest trends in our industry. As it possesses the feel of a social network however, it makes going to work every day (the short walk to my living room) so much more interesting, easier and fun.

And when you can be happy about going to work each day, then you have fought half of the battle in life.

Wealthy Affiliate is a University almost, packed with all the resources you will ever need to operate a virtual business designed for anyone starting from scratch right up to more advanced users.

You can become an affiliate marketer solo without having the support of a network or like minded people, but in a business where knowledge is power, it will cost you at some point as time is everything. For example you could ask the community for advice about a particular product or specific technique before venturing down that path as opposed to testing it for yourself and potentially wasting weeks or months in doing so.

Affiliate Marketing is a forest of an industry and so navigating through it does require some guidance, no doubt about it.

I look at other users as my colleagues. They are more accessible than any boss or line manager has ever been to me and are able to give constructive criticism and support. These are internet entrepreneurs that have been there don’t that so you can really fast track your progress by seeking out their guidance.

These are a few of a plethora of things I have been able to absorb from the community in the discussion forums, Q&A’s and live chats that has accelerated my progress or that would have otherwise adversely affected it;

  1. Avoid using the WordPress jetpack plug-in that would otherwise have caused havoc with one of my sites theme;
  2. Learned some valuable tips on using met tags to help my pages get ranked faster in Google;
  3. Avoided a specific marketing technique on Twitter that would have got me blacklisted;
  4. Avoided a specific marketing technique of Google that would have penalised my site and got my Google AdSense account blocked.

It’s really a daily information hub that affiliate marketers are sharing good practice, pitfalls and tips on as well as generally communicating and giving updates on their own personal progress.

Income reports users frequently produce or monthly updates on progress are a great way of benchmarking your progress against others that are in a similar position to you.

Viewing other user’s sites is an excellent source of inspiration that you can really generate a lot of ideas from and start thinking outside of the box.

The benefits are enormous. The question is whether you are in affiliate marketing or not, and if so, do you want to be part of a community that supports your virtual business?

What next?

You should check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate to see what its all about and who it is and isn’t for. It is a free service and has an additional premium option but as I say, check out my review and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any specific questions before getting started. Here is my review.


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