How To Be Your Own Boss

How To Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be your own boss? Or better still, be your own boss and work from home writing about things you are passionate about without exponential earnings potential?

Well, I’m here to show you how to be your own boss. How To Be Your Own Boss

So how?

By setting up a virtual business.

Well what the heck is that I here you say?

Virtual businesses are in essence websites which once they accrue sufficient traffic, will generate revenue for you. It sometimes called blogging and they are effectively the same thing.

It goes something like this:

1.You choose a passion or a niche that you can write about;

2. You create a site with interesting content around your niche;

3.Your site gets traffic;

4. That traffic is converted into money in a number of ways.

The website can be on any particular topic or niche and that is the beauty of running a virtual business. Practically any niche can bring you traffic and revenue as there will always be people looking for content around your niche.

I love the internet, because it is my go to place for so many things. For example any question, problem, query, solution, entertainment, shopping or social interaction I need in my life. It’s actually scary to think what I would do without it!

Like me, there is something like 2 billion people using the internet, for similar things and they all represent a potential target audience of people that you can tap into.

You are that audience on so many occasions like when you need to buy a TV or learn how to play an instrument. Whenever you search that in Google or any one of the other major search engines, someone is capitalising on your need and getting paid for it.

Be Your Own BossIn this business, traffic will always lead to money and so getting traffic is the key to any successful virtual business.

And when you factor in the potential scale of your audience, you will soon understand that your earnings potential have no ceiling.

So what do we have? A job where you can work your own hours, be your own boss, work from wherever you want and have no limits on you earnings potential.

Interested? If so read on.

Running a virtual business is sometimes otherwise known as affiliate marketing or internet marketing. Some people simply do it of YouTube so for example:

1. I buy a pair Turtle Beach Headset for gaming and post a review on my YouTube channel with a link to the site selling the same.

2. After watching my review, a viewer might want to buy a set and so clicks on the link to the site where he/she can purchase a set.

3. The link they clicked on has a cookie set in the visitors web browser so that when the purchase is made, you get paid a commission.

As the products you can market and the target audiences you can tap into are so vast, your earnings potential really is limitless. And on top of this, as my review in the above example stays on the internet for effectively the entirety of time, the effort expended on creating content will continue to work for me and you long after the work is done.

If you can see the potential in this but still feel sceptical, then let me confirm something for you so you can set this aside. This is nothing new. People are and have been making lots of money by affiliate marketing for years. But the industry is growing now because it is increasingly becoming a more effective way for businesses to sell their products and services. On top of that, is easier than it has ever been to get a website and get started- no programming skills etc. required!Hot To become your own boss

There is a sea of information on the internet about how to affiliate market and this would quickly become overwhelming when starting out so I have got something that is going to make your life a heck of a lot easier if you fancy the prospect of being your own boss with limitless earning potential. Don’t worry it wont cost you anything.

Just do me this one favour and remember to message me with a thanks when you have your first website up and running.

Do we have a deal?


Ok, I want you to check out the hub that I use that will give you 2 free websites and the short training you will need to get your first site up and running. My review of it is here and you should check it out for the full low down.

How to be your own boss WA

Once you have read the review head on over there and set up a free account which will get you your two sites and free training to get them up and running.

Don’t worry its very easy stuff, my 12 year old niece could do it and the site is like a facebook network where you will meet a community of helpful people. But you are going to need the training and guidance in there that will get you started and set your businesses foundation so make sure you follow it step by step and take action from the training you learn.

As I said it is free for your first two sites, so don’t worry about having to shell any money out.

Once you are in there, please be sure to add me to to your friends list and I will be happy to help you in anyway I can.

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