Work From Home Jobs On The Rise

Work from home jobs are on the rise in the UK and accelerating at five times the rate of employment. Whilst they come in a variety of forms, work from home businesses are responsible for the majority of this rise.

These businesses are simply websites which allow people to make money through a number of ways including affiliate marketing or advertising revenue. The activity is generally referred to as ‘Internet Marketing’ and it essentially involves people getting paid for allowing advertising space on their site or promoting product on their sites which pays a commission from any sales.

Internet Websites 2002 - 2012

From the retired, the unemployed, the single mom with a modest income right to the expert online entrepreneur, the number of internet marketers is increasing and they are generating part time, full time and substantial sizeable incomes from the internet.

The increase might be expected simply by virtue of the fact that there has been a significant increase of internet users in  the past decade, but its more likely because the internet presents a legitimate opportunity for people to work either full time or part time from home and generate residual incomes and more and more people are getting to know about it.Internet Users

In addition, it is now easier than ever to set up a website and the entry requirements are simply reduced to ones time and willingness to write or blog about interesting things within a given topic or niche.

The nature of internet marketing is such that your efforts compound and gather momentum over time as your site and pages get ranked on search engines and so there is the ability to make residual income for the rest of your life. Its this that makes internet marketing a highly attractive proposition. You essentially plant your seeds they continue to harvest returns for the rest of your life (residual income).

There is a wealth of benefits from working from home which I will not go in to here but suffice to say that we have probably all thought about it at some point in our lives.

Whilst it is on the rise however, it hasn’t necessarily had the smoothest run over the past decade.

The internet carries a stigma attached to it when it comes to make money schemes. It has been plagued by scams over the past decade with people being tricked in to paying to unlock secrets to get them rich overnight or to subscribe to pyramid structured schemes that see people at the bottom get crushed.Internet Marketing On The Rise

Its unfortunate that there are scamsters out there exploiting vulnerable people but it appears they are here to stay until internet marketing becomes more regulated. Until then, people will naturally remain weary of internet money making schemes and quite rightly so.

Notwithstanding this however, its clear the internet is cleaning up and scamsters are easier to spot. They get talked about in forums, people post reviews about tested schemes and so if you do your research, you should be able to see scamsters from a mile off. Search Engines particularly are cracking down on unwelcome activities.

So it essentially comes down to this.

There are also wrong assumptions made against making money on the internet. Most people would think its a bit of a gamble or requires a significant investment to get started.

This is untrue and so you should very carefully investigate any scheme or training that requires substantial fees upfront.

Making sustainable income on the internet can really only be done by setting up sites or social media channels and promoting affiliate goods or advertising space from those spaces and those cannot be built overnight. Sustainable businesses have organic traffic from search engines though you can obviously accelerate the process by advertising your site.

So if done properly the costs should not be substantial and you can even do it for free in some places.

This website was initially set up for free on the platform I use and I have written a review of it here so you can check out how you too can get into internet marketing and make money from the internet.

Build Your Free Siterubix SiteAgain I will repeat this is not a get rich quick scheme but the platform works as a hub for your websites and offers you all the training you need to make solid online businesses that will make you sustainable income for the rest of your life.

So whether its a stay at home dad or stay at home mom, the fact remains that more and more people are opting for a healthier work life balance and you should look into it too if you think you fit the bill.

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