Make Money From Home

Make money from home

You will be reading this if you are looking for extra ways to make money from home online. It may be that you have considered working from home part time to supplement or replace your existing job or you are house bound and need any easier way of making money from home.

In this article I am going to show you how you can make money from home.

And yes you can forget selling old DVD’s and clothes around the home on eBay or holding a yard sale. Sure you may make a few bucks but it hardly going to provide you with a full time income.

Also forget about taking cash surveys, selling blood or paying for some get rich quick scheme on the internet. I’m talking about how millions of people make a full time income solely working from home on their laptop/PC.

So how do I make money from home?

It all comes down to the the opportunities provided by the 2 billion Internet users in the world today. 2 billion users on the Internet means there are billions of dollars being spent on goods and services over the Internet.

Those users (and you are one of them) will be spending money on Amazon, best buy, and other online retailers for virtually all kinds of goods or services.

And our role in this is connecting buyers with sellers for which we get a slice of the action. We only need to concentrate in one small area or niche to be extremely profitable such as how to loose belly fat, or baking cakes.

Just take a look at this screen shot of commissions from one of my sites for earnings from that focuses on video gaming equipment:

Amazon Earning Screen Shot

This joining of the buyer and seller is called affiliate marketing and it happens everywhere online. Whenever you have clicked on a link from a search result, or from someone’s website that takes you to a product page, the website owner will get a commission for your purchase.

Sellers of goods and services are more than prepared to pay a commission on the sale because for them, you are marketing their goods and services.

And that is affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

So how do we fit in?

The opportunity for the average Joe Bloggs at home is to set up a website/blog and write about a topic or interested niche. This is typically known as blogging and you love heard the phrase used many times before. Blog posts will link to whatever goods and services you choose for you interested niche and subsequent purchases will result in a commission to you.

As a blogger, there are absolutely no limits as to where you can do your work, what hours you work, on what device and you earnings potential. Their really is no limit as to how much you can earn.

So why work from home?

The reasons are numerous. Depending on your circumstances, you may have difficulties getting to work, have children to care for, not able to find any work, or simply looking for extra ways of making an income.

I mean who couldn’t do with some extra income right? And be your own boss?

Look at the following criteria to see if you qualify.

  • Can use a computer and have very basic computer skills
  • You have an interest or hobby that you think you can writing or if not are prepared to learn about the new niche that you think you can writing.
  • You have the flexibility to put in around 3 to 5 hours per week.
  • You have a very basic computer/laptop.
  • You have the enthusiasm to learn some basic training and the drive to earn $5000 per month (this is not an unrealistic target).

If you feel you qualify then affiliate marketing may be for you.

Setting up a blog or website

You may feel that setting up a blog or website is the most difficult part. It’s actually the complete opposite. Setting up a website can be done in 30 seconds and is the most easiest step which I can show you how below.

Create a Site in 30 Seconds

Once that’s done, it’s a case of adding content to your website to make it bigger to draw in more  visitors and ultimately more commissions that will determine your success.

Take Action

My purpose in this article was to show you how I and other people are making money from home and show you an opportunity. To get there, you are going to need some help and basic training to get up an running but I can show you where you can get that from and so don’t worry about that. Just ask yourself, would you like to earn some serious money online?

The difference between those that will make money and those that won’t is that they will take action. So stop dreaming about paying of you house and take action. You can make money from home.

If you want to get started, I can show you how you can get the training free to set up your website (2 in fact for free) and start making money today. It won’t cost you a penny the only commitment required is for you to take action today.

Click on this link and set up a free account – you don’t have to pay a penny or give bank details etc, you simply register and start learning from the first video. Once you are in there, look me up – I am Bigboss34 and I’m always available to chat or answer any questions you may have.

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