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What Do You Do To Pass The Time?

Hobbies are part of our livelihood and allow us to disengage with the real world. They allow us to express what it is we enjoy doing the most and can sometimes determine who we are.

Whether it’s singing, dancing, reading books or watching TV, we all have them and in some shape or form and we all wish we could devote far more time than have to do the things we love.

So what if I could tell you that you could make money from your hobby or passion by setting up a virtual business? That you could earn money whilst effectively maintaining your hobby or interest? If I could tell you all of this, will you promise to hear me out?

Good, we have a deal.

Talking About Your Interest

The essence of a virtual business is creating content for your own website which will attract like-minded people who, in essence, will be drawn in to hear what you have to say about your hobby or interest.  And with sufficient traffic that comes from your site, you have the opportunity to make a full time income.

There’s lots of different angles at which you can approach your interest or hobby so for example you could create a website on tips for how to fly fish effectively or on how to bake Disney themed birthday cakes. Fly Fishing There will be lots of people in the world who want to become better fly fishers and so if you could create a website and talk about different aspects of fly fishing, tips, tutorials, recommendations on new rods and essentially give the visitor something in return for visiting your website, then you’re likely to attract and maintain a good deal of traffic to your website. When you have this, you have a business! Its that simple.

Anyone can turn their interest into a business with some hard work, a little education and some determination. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have in your subject area, just that you have an interest in it.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Whether it’s a very light interest in a subject area or an expert viewpoint you have to offer, you can turn either of these degrees of interest into a thriving business. Ask yourself the following:

  1. Do you have a passion or interest which other people may share?
  2. Would you like to earn money by writing about your hobby or interest?
  3. Is there a range of products or services that you could buy in relation to your hobby that you think other like-minded people would benefit from?

If so then you can monetise your hobby and have a potential business on your hands.

It doesn’t actually matter how obscure or discrete your hobbies are. There are billions of people out there on the internet and so the more specific you can be in selecting your hobby or interest, the less competitive your niche will be which will mean quicker results for your virtual business.

It Pays To Play!

The internet is a fascinating place and you now have people who create all sorts of content on social networks and YouTube and convert their vast networks and followings in to fulltime businesses. Take prolific YouTuber PewDiePie who has an immensely successful YouTube channel that has millions of subscribers. By creating gaming and commentary videos on YouTube, he gets a share of the advertising revenue generated from his videos. With such a vast following, it will come as no surprise that he is now reportedly earning $4million per year for playing video games.


In the real world, this would simply not possible but the internet brings together like minded people and with traffic comes opportunity.

This is one example of how someone with a hobby that can garner a following can turn it into a business. Most people write (blog) about their interests and the result is the same though you could and should use social media and YouTube channels to share your content.

In essence, content = traffic = money.

There are millions of people on the Internet who are using this model so that they can monetise their hobbies or interest. You’ll hear about blogs all the time and popular blogs where people simply write about things that they enjoy whether its food, drink, travel and so on.

And with all these people, including our friend PewDiePie, they all have one thing in common… A website.html

A Website Is Your Platform For Success

Websites are not what they used to be and can be set up extremely quickly. You do not need to have any programming skills or coding skills and they are really as simple as 123. You simply need to have basic computer skills and an ability to learn as you go along. I would suggest that if you can browse the internet confidently you can set up a virtual business.

The Internet is a different place now to when it was created and it’s so much more accessible to everyone. Furthermore, it does not discriminate between people whether that’s on geographical location, gender, disability or otherwise.  What this means is that there is a level playing field for everyone interested in setting up a virtual business.

That Rewarding Feeling

Been able to monetise my hobby is one of the most rewarding experiences you have you could have. Your website will be your office and from where all your online activity stems. Its your enterprise, your identity, your passion, your everything. Setting up your very own website is one rewarding experience and I can guarantee you will enjoy every minute of it.

For me, to know that I can simply make money from writing about my hobby is a fantastic feeling. It honestly felt like a life changing experience for me and I knew, once I took that first step that online business was for me.

The beauty of online business is that you can be as flexible as your life demands. You can choose to take this as a part time thing so that you can reinvest any profits into maintaining your hobby or you can essentially treat this as a proper job and earn a full time income. Either one is possible and you will find, as your website gains traction, that your effort will long afterwards, continue to pay you off.

How to turn your hobby into a business?

Set up your website couldn’t be easier and in doing so you are you’ll get the feeling that you’re set up a new chapter in your life.

If you’re ready to take the next steps and share your interests and hobbies with the world, get connected with like-minded people and earn money in the process, click on the link below to get started.Create Your Free Account Button

And I know you might be thinking this is going to cost me money. I can assure you that as with any business there will be costs involved but with what I am showing you, it will cost you nothing to set up your online business. That’s right, nothing. And in return you will get two free online businesses that you can fully monetise and make a full time income from.

In addition to all of this, you get all the training and support you will need to get going and access to a network of other people who are similarly making money by blogging.

So you promised me you would read all of this and for that I am very thankful for hearing me out.

Now let me help you.

Take this step and I promise you it will change your life. It will open so many doors and a world of opportunities. If you do start today, look me up – my username is Bigboss34 and I can help out with anything you need to get started. Click below to get started for free.

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